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What is Whimsy

Whimsy Kitchen is a food-tech company based in Milan, Italy.

Whimsy’s main focus is on creating dark kitchens, using both food and digital expertise to excel its performance. Our products are currently being delivered in partnership with Deliveroo, Glovo and UberEats.

Whimsy also considers itself as a food company interested in the whole food chain, looking for new opportunities in the industry. The flexibility in its business model enables Whimsy to catch market opportunities at any moment.

Whimsy si considera una food company interessata a tutta la catena del food, sempre alla ricerca di nuove opportunità nel settore. La flessibilità del business model di Whimsy gli permetterà di cogliere le occasioni presenti nel mercato alimentare.

Some of our Brands

Pickup & Walk-in

All Whimsy restaurants can be used through the delivery platforms but it is also possible to order and collect in one of the three stores in Milan.

Pre-order or
come visit us

Viale Bligny 43
Tel 347 4650401

Via Tiepolo 1
Tel 366 3582702

Via Thaon di Revel 8
Tel 351 1259416


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